It's important to get prospective buyers into your home to take a look but if your house doesn't have curb appeal, they may never make it through the door and simply drive away. So how do you make potential home buyers want to come inside? We've put together a list of fairly inexpensive and easy ideas to give your house the extra edge it needs.

Make certain everything is structurally sound. If a gutter or siding is pulling away from the home, reattach it. Be sure if there is a fence that it looks and is solid. 

Freshen things up. If the mailbox is looking old and dingy, replace it. Plant and/or hang some plants and greenery. Don't get carried away, keep it simple but nice. Keep the lawn, trees and hedges well groomed. 

Lighting. By adding lighting it helps to brighten the home and also helps make potential home buyers feel more secure. 

Remove clutter and depersonalize. Do you have a stone in the front yard with the family name on it or are the kid's bikes parked in the front yard? Remove these items so that your home appeals to more people. A couple getting ready to retire may not be able to see themselves living in your home if the front yard is full of toys and bikes. 

These simple things will help give your home a warm inviting look that will help appeal to all potential customers and get them through that door and making an offer. 

Good luck and happy selling!